Thursday, December 12, 2019

Parts of the Hiring Process Essay Example For Students

Parts of the Hiring Process Essay There are many ways a company can go about recruiting high quality and fully qualified potential employees. One of the most common ways is by going online and looking at resumes posted on such sites such as Monster, Carbureted, or The Ladders. But by trying to find potential employees in this way it leaves a lot of problems in the open. Problems such as, what if a potential employee exaggerates on their resume or what if they add qualifications and skill that they dont have are all problems that can easily be found after an employee is hired. Sure, a resume is a great way to discover potential employees but that recess needs to be taken even further. As some companies do I think it is extremely important for a potential employee to not just have one interview with one person but multiple rounds of interviews with different people. This allows others to get a sense of the candidate and allows them to compare that person to the other people also being interviewed. Another very -good way of recruiting potential employees is by having job fairs. This allows a ton of potential people to come in and meet face to face, after this a few people that are liked can be brought in for next round. Also, at these joy fairs for the people that are found likeable and potential, they could be given a small test to see whether or not they know the job which they are interested in, This allows the candidate to display their skills first hand. There are 6 parts of the selection process, background information, interviews, paper and pencil tests, physical ability tests, performance tests, and references Ones-George), Background information, meaning information gathered from job applications and resumes. This information consists of past and present job experience, colleges or other schools attended, or if they have any foreign language skills. The information is usually cross referenced with a background check to further validate accuracy. This part of the selection process is the first thing employers will use to find potential employees. Another part of process is interviews Which is pretty self-explanatory. Prospects Will come into work place and be interviewed and evaluated in person by being asked questions about their past employment, goals, about the company, and What they expect to get UT of the job. This part of the process is good for employer to get a more personal feel for a person and see if they fit. References are also pretty self- explanatory as well. These are people that can be called, and or emailed to learn more about the employee. They can be people that the candidate supplied to the employer or people the employer seeks out on their own. They supply the employee with an opinion of character from someone other than the candidates view to supply employers skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics. They re usually used at the end of the process to make a final decision. Paper and pencil tests, are usually given to candidates for ability and personality tests, For example in my company analysts are usually given these tests to check their math skills and their reading skills to make sure they are fully up to par with that portion of the job. Personality tests are given by employers to get an overall sense of a person and to make sure they are not a possible risk to both themselves and others around them. It also shows an employer their problem solving skills and how they handle s tress. Performance tests are given to candidates when they apply to a job that requires them to use specific types of programs or in other jobs maybe specific types Of equipment. These tests can be anything from testing how fast a person types to how proficient a person is in excel. These tests are used to actually display a candidates skill rather than just listing it on a resume. This is a very important test to have a candidate perform. When interviewing a person in my field we sometimes give them a computer which we have broken and know what is wrong and ask them to see what is ring and how to fix.

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