Sunday, February 9, 2020

BMW Films case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BMW Films - Case Study Example Besides â€Å"the hire† series, various options that the company can take in order to consolidate its marketing strategy are paramount in order to maintain its market position, and increase its success and performance in the automobile industry (Jham 2). Concerning a approach that can help consolidate the market position that BMW has had in their marketing and general growth, there is a need for the company to make a careful consideration of their previous action. â€Å"The hire† series were an essential step that gave the company huge growth after their introduction in terms of average sales as shown. Information from customers’ feedback has openly shown that they loved the approach and were fascinated by the driver character in the BMW films. As the company executive officer, there seem to be another opportunity in re-inventing the series. In this approach, the company should try to increase the amount of time, since people have been eager to know what happened of the driver in the films (Moon 10). Here is the catch, the company should re-edit the strategy and include other characters that advance the promotional objectives of the company, the results would surely be tremendous. The first option explains that the company should milk all the films available completely before re-introducing a new strategy. This is also the same idea in the second option; however, the third one talks of something a different, a new version of the films. Rejecting the first two arises from the fact that they may not be any different from the current BMW films approach, for this reason, the company may not achieve much. The forth option recommends for doing nothing, but watch as the events unfold, this is not a safe idea because other companies are trying their best to increase their market share, BMW therefore has a mandate to change its approach too. The issues of whether the

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